Stay Safe and Sound

At Gracewood, each family’s immediate needs are met by providing safety, clothing, food, water, and electricity. Other residential services include mentoring, educational support, parenting and life skills training, financial planning, and referral to community resources. These vital services deliver permanent solutions from poverty and the threat of homelessness. They help remove barriers to success such as emotional and family instability, lack of education and training, and inadequate childcare.


When a family completes the residential program at Gracewood, they have achieved independence and have learned to maintain a healthy family dynamic. They move into their own place, but not without the ongoing support of Gracewood staff and resources.

For more information, please visit our Program FAQ page. To apply, you can find the criteria and application on the Program Application page. If you don't see an answer to your question, please email us or call 713-988-9757.